Christmas is approaching. How do you, your family, and your friends see it? Do you see it as a religious event or as a celebration of fun? Do you celebrate it as the birthday of Jesus or treat it as a normal festival? It should be remembered that Christmas traditions vary from place to place.

Christmas Day is an annual holiday for people of Christianity. Christmas day is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on December 25, but in fact, it is not considered a birthday of Jesus. This day may have been chosen as Christmas Day because it coincides with the 9th of December, exactly 9 months after Jesus Christ began to celebrate the historic Roman festival or even when the sun was farther away from the equator during winter than the northern hemisphere. Christmas day is the center day of the Christmas and holiday season. Christianity believes that the Christmas season lasts for 12 days.

The Christmas celebration was started in Hong Kong. While in other countries minority Christians and people under the influence of foreign cultures have been celebrating the festival. Chinese populist states in countries where Christmas is not considered a public holiday (Excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Japan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Thailand, Nepal, Iran, Turkey, and North Korea.

Celebrating the birth of Jesus

Eastern Orthodox shrines in anticipation of the birth of Jesus before Christmas celebrations 40. The day was celebrating the eve of Jesus’ birth. While Western Christians were celebrating Advent for four weeks, the pre-Christmas period. The final preparations for the Christmas celebration are made on the 24th of December, the day before Christmas.

Religious plays according to Christian tradition

Different types of Christmas celebrations have developed in countries where the Christian tradition is strongly spread. Such traditions include regional as well as local cultures. Many Christians believe that participating in religious plays during this season is an important part of Christmas. During the festivals of Christmas and Easter, the annual amount of religious activity occurs in the shrines.

A special meal from a Christian family

For many, the Christian family’s special meal is an important part of the festival. The dishes served in this meal vary greatly by country. In some provinces like Sicily, 12 different types of fish are served at special meals on Christmas Eve. Turkey, potatoes, vegetables, cucumbers, and herbs brought from North America are served as a special meal in England and countries influenced by its culture, followed by Christmas sweets, meat pies, and fruit cakes. Fish is usually served as a Christmas meal in Poland as well as other parts of Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. In addition, expensive meat such as lamb meat is served. In Germany, France, and Austria, goose and pork are used as Christmas specials. The custom of serving beef or chicken is the traditional Christmas meal all over the world. In the Philippines, the meat of an animal’s thigh or hoe is the main food.

Christmas Decorations

People of Christianity adorn homes, streets, neighborhoods, and churches with color lacquer. As well as making Christmas tree on this day. This decorates the artificial tree. It is decorated with stars, flowers, balloons, toys and colorful colored ribbons on it. He comes to the house and gives gifts to all the children. Christmas is celebrated by singing, dancing and meeting each other. Thus, on this day, people celebrate their friends and relatives in whales as “Merry Christmas”.

Gifts on Christmas

Rituals made famous in modern Christmas celebrations include gifts, exchanges of greetings, celebrations in the shrines, special eateries, display of various decorations such as Christmas trees, lights with lights, decoration of pavements, greenery. The scene of Jesus’ birth, and the decoration of an evergreen shrub with red tattoos, etc. Moreover, in many countries, Father Christmas (known in many countries as Santa Claus, including North America, Australia, and Ireland) is a cultural icon that brings children’s gifts to this day. Christmas is celebrated in different ways throughout the globe.

Christmas is celebrated all over the world in various forms. Through which different cultures and national traditions are reflected. Japan and Although Christmas is a very popular place in countries like Korea, Christianity is very small. These countries have adopted secular traditions, such as Christmas gift-giving, decorations and Christmas trees.