This project is really more of a simple embellishment than a DIY project, but is such a great way to snazz up virtually any little cardigan or jacket!  Make your own by following along below…

1.  Gather supplies… Needle-nose pliers, studs of your choice (I used these), and your sweater! That’s it!

2.  Lay out the studs on the jacket to decide on your pattern

3.  Make sure the first stud is exactly where you want it, press the prongs through the fabric and flip to the reverse so you can see them poking through on the other side.

4.  Using the pliers, bend each prong inward so that they grip the fabric in the center and so the stud is securely fastened to the piece. (I gave each one a little tug at this point to make sure it was on tight.

5.  Repeat until you’ve reached the amount desired, and then your fun new piece is ready to wear!