Decorate your  Garden on Christmas

Decorate your Garden on Christmas

Garden Edging Ideas

1. Use Salvaged Wood to Edge Your Garden

One of the easiest methods to create an epic garden edge is through salvaged wood, possibly, pallet wood. The natural material will integrate seamlessly into any arrangement and it offers you infinite flexibility when it comes to design as other woody solutions will showcase in the gallery.

The image below showcases an extraordinary result, all you need is pallet wood; keep in mind that to you do not need to stress about its width or height when you cut these pieces to “size”, the earth around them will help you with that.

2. Use Flat Rocks 

Flat rocks are natural puzzle pieces and you happily get to arrange them in a manner that will benefit your garden and enhance your curb appeal, above they separate the lawn from leafy vegetation splendidly.

3. Use Light to Highlight Your Garden Edging

4. Place Bricks Diagonally to Shape an Edge

Ohh the possibilities, the warmth of bricks and their versatility makes a case for them once more ! In this particular case, bricks have been placed on an angle, diagonally to create a rhythm and a certain dynamicity as result. It is also worth noting that the splendid design is completely non-intrusive and can be reverted or upgraded whenever you need easily !

5. Create Mineral Fluid Transitions

Patience in the process can go a long way, above a professional garden edge showcases a simple completed process, imagine how you would go about realizing this, we have two lines and a couple of pavement blocks, all balanced by sand, what can be simpler ?

6. Use Metal Garden Edges

This might require more patience yes and it does require a really cool material, metal sheets. While exemplary, keep in mind that the splendid metal sheets remain rather rough on the edges in most cases and children or pets can get injured if the roam the garden unattended. It goes without saying though that these are exemplar garden edges in terms of aesthetics.

7. Use Steel Panels as a Garden Edge

If you consider a raised garden bed, options are even more extensive, steel panels can become garden edges just as beautifully as wooden pallets, both can be pierced here and if you want to place greenery in the vertical plane as well, option that we highly recommend.

8. Use Gabions With Rock and Wood

Rocks, wood, they come in all shape and sizes, sometimes in the form of a gabion, here a really earthy one with colored rocks, wooden blocks and awesome vegetation surrounding the sculptural raised garden. Imagine the garden above 10 years from now, with its vegetation matured, a lush, splendid oasis in the making the example above is!

A gabion can also use shattered rocks that would occupy the volume evenly, the lack of wooden blocks here clears the design further and the small white sand simply aces the neat look, the balance between the elements is spot on, how do you see it?

9. Use White and Black River Rocks

Yes ! You can combine blue river rocks with white shattered rocks and metal edges to create a layered transition that becomes a graphical element in itself, how would you address such an arrangement of layers?

10. Combine Concrete With River Rocks and Boulders

Here even bigger boulders make a change, aided by what we can categorize as big river rocks and a third cement, concrete edge. The splendid tiered layering plays of mineral texture create a game that supports the greenery upstairs brilliantly, a simply awesome flower edge !

11. Bowling Balls Can Guard Your Plants

Yes Bowling Balls! You heard us right. A very unique and out of the box idea isn’t it? But if you ask us it is a very fun and funky way of accessorizing your garden. It makes for great garden edges while at the same time guarding your plants and flower beds. Bowling balls come in various shapes and sizes and the neon and florescent colors instantly groove up the place.

12. Up-cycle Hubcaps into Garden Edging

For all the motor heads out there. An up-cycle hubcap is a really cool and modern way of edging your garden. And much like the china dishes, just dig a trench, plant them and fill it back up again. It has a very industrial avant-garde appeal to it, that allows you to give your garden your very own personal touch.

13. Shape Your Garden Through Your Path

Shaping your garden along a Crushed rock path is another interesting idea that has off late been growing in popularity among the suburban households.

Lay down a graveled pathway and let your trees grow unperturbed and wildly around it. A walk through this footway every now and can feel like a mesmerizing saunter through the wilderness.

14. Use Rain Water to Create a Water Garden Edge

What’s more amazing than turning your backyard into your own personal ecological park? And all of it is possible with just some rainwater and pebbles. Make a long meandering trench and line it up with pebbles, divert the rainwater collecting on your roof into it and you have an excellent water garden edge.

15. Up-cycle Metal Pipe Garden Edges

A lot of old houses have worn out and rusty pipes lying around, some may even still be connected to the house’s plumbing structures. But instead of throwing them away, why not up-cycle them into holding brightly colored gravels and pitting them into the ground to form a garden edge? We are confident that just like the picture it will look beautiful and elegant.

16. Bring Flowers Forward as a Garden Edge

If making an edge out of vertical sleepers and raised crop beds don’t feel all that appealing to you, then this option may just be the idea you are looking for. And its simpler too, all you have to do is make a flower bed around the garden, and by the picture, you can see that the results can be quite stunning indeed.

17. Use Layered Vegetation and a Slim Metallic Profile

A very modern and aesthetically pleasing design. Making a layered vegetation edge and giving it a slim metallic profile is quite a popular idea implemented by a lot of homesteaders who desire a fresh new look for their garden.

To make it even more attractive you can line the extremities of the edge with gravel and small pebbles, to highlight the plantation even further.

18. Glow in the Dark Tree Logs

Dress the logs of the garden edge with neon strips and see your garden come to life at in one of the most spectacular sites you will ever behold. The glow in the dark tree logs are can brighten up any late night social gathering, may it be for a late-night barbecue or an overnight camp in your yard, this edge is sure to make the evening magical.

19. Use Gabion Walls

A Gabion wall is a cage, cylinder or box that is entirely filled with rocks, concrete, sand or soil. They form very durable and sturdy garden edges, that you can use as a sitting bench as well. The picture shows a Gabion wall made of rocks with a wooden roof, which can be used as a sitting area in your garden.

20. Brick Lawn Edging

When bricks are used in garden edging, it should be well placed in order to break up a big yard.  It can separate the area for plants, water features, and entertaining areas.