cute and simple DIY CHRISTMAS CARD
cute and simple DIY CHRISTMAS CARD

cute and simple DIY CHRISTMAS CARD

It’s been almost 2 weeks now since we put up our Christmas tree, and I’m
proud to say that not one night has gone by that I haven’t switched the
switch and watch as our tree quickly filled up with different coloured lights!
Now seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, it’s time to reach for your pens and pencils, start writing, and send out Christmas cards to all your loved ones!
Here’s is a quick DIY on how to make your own Christmas Card with a cute button wreath on the front!
What You’ll Need:
~ Tutorial ~
Step 1~ Start of by gathering all of your supplies together, and turning your glue gun on so it can start warming up.
Step 2~ Now before you do anything you’ll need to figure out where you want your wreath. I wanted mine in the middle and slightly more towards the top. Then taking your pen or pencil, draw a circle. (I used a bottle with a round lid to make sure my circle was perfect)
Step 3~ Now sort through your green buttons, and lay them down on the circle in the order you want. Grab your glue gun, and one by one stick them down.
Step 4~ Cut a piece of red ribbon, and make a small bow, then use your glue gun once more and stick your ribbon right where you want it.
Your card is done!. . . Now be sure to turn your glue gun off before running away to write a thoughtful card too a special friend! (I would have benefited from that last little bit of advise earlier myself haha)
I hope all of you are busy enjoying the Christmas fun,