Merry Christmas !! Are you Looking for some of  best Christmas Romance Novels to a read?

It is the special time of the year. The days are a shorter, the weather is a colder, and there is the special feeling in the air. It is the time to a snuggle up under the cozy blanket with the good book, preferably under the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree. There is no better genre to a read during the holidays than a romance what better way to a celebrate a season dedicated to love and family than happy ever after’s. Here are the new romance titles to a choose from.

We’ll Always Have Christmas authored by Jenny Hale

Noelle loves to Christmas, but this year she is a struggling to a save her family’s bakery and taking care of the grouchy old man named William, who lives in the sprawling mansion. She does a everything she can to a soften William’s heart, and when she meets his grandson Alexander, she is immediately smitten with the him. Now Noelle has three goals save her business, reunite William with someone he is thought he’d lost, and establish to a relationship with the sweet and sexy Alexander.

Season of Wonder authored by RaeAnne Thayne

Dani is the divorced mother of a two young girls, and when she is offered to chance to start over again, she finds a herself in a small town in Idaho in charge of a veterinarian clinic. Her daughters aren’t as a crazy about the town as she is, and when the three of them meet their neighbor, a deputy sheriff named the Ruben, Dani tries to a avoid him because she does not want her heart broken again. But, Ruben is a starting to the care for her daughters, and he is a about to show her what Christmas is like in their small town, feeling confident she will never want to a leave afterwards.

A Christmas By the Sea authored by Melody Carlson

Wendy is the widow with a 12 year old son who just inherited to seaside cottage in Maine, so the two of them move into it temporarily so that a renovations can be made before she sells it to get a money she needs. Wendy has every intention of the going back to Ohio after she sells the cottage, but one Christmas with the craftsman named Caleb makes her rethink everything. A heartwarming and touching love story that shows how magical Christmas can truly be.

The Christmas Room authored by Catherine Anderson

Maddie is a still heartbroken over the death of a her husband, so she moves to the small town in Montana to a start over again. Her neighbor, Sam, is a suffering from to loss as well, but his and Maddie’s relationship seems to the filled with a bitterness and contempt. When their grown children fall in a love, they realize they must put their differences aside, and they also discover firsthand how to important it is to a have someone by your side when to going gets rough.

Christmas on Mistletoe Lane authored by Annie Rains

Kaitlyn and Mitch are to owners of the small bed and breakfast facility in to mountains of the North Carolina. They are fixing it up for a upcoming Christmas holiday, but Mitch is a determined to the leave once it is up and running. The couple butt heads at every turn, but can to a beautiful small town and the devotion of a inn’s other owner, Kaitlynn, make Mitch realize what is a truly important in life and not just at the Christmas time.

A Time for Christmas authored by Monique Martin

Simon and Elizabeth are the time-travelers who are asked to go a back in time and convince Charles Dickens to the write his beloved story, A Christmas Carol. Public interest in a Christmas is waning, and the experts think this may be the reason why. The couple think it is nonsense when first presented with this a task, but soon they are on their way to 1843 London to a convince Dickens that no future Christmas will ever be the a same unless he writes his to heartwarming story.

The Trouble with Mistletoe authore by Jill Shalvis

When Keane walks in to a Willa’s pet shop, she immediately recognizes him as a boy who broke her heart in a high school. Keane, on to other hand, can not understand why she acts as a though she is mad at him. All he needs is someone to a babysit his aunt’s cat from Hell for to a bit. But, even though Keane is clueless, that doesn’t mean he’s off the a hook. Willa decides to a rely on Christmas mistletoe to a get Keane back, it produces some heartwarming results in to the end.