Christmas Tree

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let’s start draw the Christmas Tree

To begin drawing a Christmas tree, first lightly draw a triangle type on paper with a basic pencil. now see it look like a tree. refer below the image it will help you make your Christmas tree. For best results with this drawing, use a nice large-nibbed felt pen or permanent marker, to give a heavy, cartoony line. Simply below the tree, draw a box and be a part of it to the tree with two strains line, no longer too extensive, its root of tree.

Now Drawing The Top Of The Tree

Now again draw lines on a tree to make your tree smooth. the branch of a tree is pointy so line up and joint branch if you are making on a computer make sure you are creating a perfect shape. if you are not perfect on drawing take a look at an image you can get the idea.

Drawing a start to shine a tree.

Now time to make some sine on the tree so let’s draw a star on the top. we have a tradition to put star last when tree ready but here we are drawing it first. It doesn’t matter if you overlap the tree. If you are using a computer or iPad, make sure the ends of your lines join up to the star, so that you can use fill to color it later, without the whole page filling up.

Finish the Bow and Add Baubles

draw the ideal round shapes of baubles make a brilliant evaluation of the spiky tree department shapes, but you could also draw stars if you prefer. you begin a few sparkles with dashed traces, and also you’re completed! To use this tree for a kid’s drawing activity, try drawing a broad outline with a black sharpie marker, and letting your child paint in the tree and decorate it with stickers. Erase your triangle guidelines. Don’t be a perfectionist – keep the drawing relaxed and your lines smooth and confident. Trying to fix wobbles just draws attention to them! This is a perfect drawing to use for a simple Christmas card design.

Decorate and color on christmas tree

now you can fill color on this card. now it very easy to add color. either you can add watercolor on the card or you can fill color on the computer. This is a perfect drawing to use for a simple Christmas card design.

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