You may be wondering how you can still have a nice time with loved ones if you spend Christmas in quarantine this year even if you do your part by remaining healthy at home together. Thankfully, many of the games people play at Christmas are either intended to take place indoors, or can be adapted to. Here are seven Christmas-themed games and activities that are fun for quarantine, from poking holes in a “tree” to revealing Christmas socks and other fun trinkets, to playing musical chairs with a twist.

1. Cook yourself a festive meal

It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice scrumptious dinner just because we have less people to gather around this year. Decide in advance on an early dinner menu and have all your ingredients ready for a major feast.

2. Games for Virtual Holiday Party

Simply set up and give your family and friends a Zoom link to host your Christmas game night online with virtual gatherings at an all-time high. Just because we can’t physically get together doesn’t mean we can’t rejoice together.

3. Mail a prize to a loved one

From sharing, the art of joy still comes. Cook a juicy roast chicken, make a present, or make a hearty breakfast in advance and have it delivered to your loved ones. Nothing is more heartwarming than telling them that they are in your thoughts, regardless of whether they live close or far away.

4. Decorating cookies for Christmas

This year from the can’t-miss classics to fun, new twists. By adding a little bit of everything to the mix, build your cookie tray and give it extra love.

5. Create Santa’s Christmas Masks

By donating adorable DIY Christmas masks or Santa masks, you can surprise your children. Trust us they’re going to love it. Too many DIY mask ideas are flooded on the internet. All you need to do is browse them and choose which are easy to make and cute. With paper plates, you can create masks by painting and drawing them with a colourful sketch. Oh, hurry up! Create some beautiful masks and take your friends and family by surprise.

6. Play Puzzle Holiday Games

Christmas is all about enjoying some quality time in the family. When you schedule and prepare some nice puzzle games to play with friends and family, it will be great. Play some good music in the background and play some puzzle games if you are planning a Christmas party with only family members and friends. You can make fun trivia games for Christmas to see who is going to win.

7. Time Posing

The best time to pull off your sexy look and take some selfies or show off your perfect Christmas poses on social media is at the Festival. With your image, let your Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp profile dazzle.

8. Organize a Night of Movies

Take your dessert to the hall after Christmas dinner and change into some comfortable pyjamas or nightwear, because you will have so much fun watching holiday movies on Netflix or TV during Christmas night. If you pick some great movies to watch with family/friends/partners, it’s easier.

9. Dinner Party for Family

Skip this year and invite everyone to your Christmas party. Staying safe is vital. So you can host a small family dinner party with a few members, send some love with online gifts to others as we mentioned above and talk via video call.