cloth idea

Dear girls this is a special Christmas post for you, here are few unique pieces of clothing that you can do it yourself.

DIY Cheap and Easy Holiday Bow Bobby

1) Pre-measure your ribbon on the front aspect side of your shirt. 
(I singed the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying.)

2) Place hem tape along the edge and please avoid buttonholes so that the shirt can still button, and iron the ribbon over to secure. If you don’t have Double-Stick Fabric Tape then hot glue would work.

3.) Place rhinestones OR preciosa in random order along the ribbon using hot glue gun until you reach the end of the shirt. If you don’t plan on wearing it untucked, only place them till you reach the waistline.

Style your shirt the way you wish and you are done! enjoy holidays

There are so many color options you could do for this if you wanted to create a different look. Please, note that this shirt will not endure the washing machine and would need to be hand-washed!

 Totally easy and fun to wear!