Christmas tree decorations ideas

Here are unique ideas for Christmas tree decorations. It’s time to move from the same old Christmas decorations you use every year to decorate your tree. Red and green ball adornments are eternal, but this holiday season your tree could use a little refreshment. If you want understated, rustic, glam, completely over-the-top bright, or all-natural, one of these tree decor styles is sure to talk to you. Let these insanely chic trees inspire you.

Ribbon Tree with Red and Green Plaid

Has any gift-wrapping plaid ribbon left over? There’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be using it to carry your tree some personality.

Pink Regal

Has any gift-wrapping plaid ribbon left over? There’s no excuse why you shouldn’t be using it to carry your tree some personality.

Mini Snowman

Dress up a mini tree with cute snowman decorations if this year’s Christmas celebration needs to be a hit with kids.

Sparkle-Flocked christmas tree

To conjure new Christmas vibes grounded in a traditional decorative feel, Ashley Luengo of Modern Glam chose heavy flocking, pale pinks, and a sophisticated black and white ribbon.

Tree with Frosted Pinecone

Make a statement by mixing a combination of artificial bird ornaments with white-washed pinecones.

Green Glow Christmas tree

Opt for a slightly more saturated hue and disperse bright white lights all over if you want a traditional pine to feel slightly non-conformist.

Picture tag Christmas tree

Looking for a way to play up the real Christmas meaning! For a nostalgic touch, stick the best family pictures to the back of gift tags.

Pom pom Decoration on tree

These pom ornaments will make every tree look like it came from Whoville right away. Make it multi-color in or stick with one color.

Classic Christmas tree

It does not get more timeless than an angel topper, red ribbon, and classic ornaments trimmed Fraser fir. And string lamps, of course.

Red and pink Christmas tree

On this slim tree, even big baubles deserve a spot. Add color (and cheer!) with red, pink, and teal ornaments to this otherwise neutral set.

Ombre Christmas tree ideas

To make a beautiful gradient, DIY or buy ornaments in varying shades of blue or any color, really.

Bright Blue Christmas tree

You may find yourself wandering towards an exaggerated tree that genuinely represents your love of the season if Christmas is your favorite holiday. As Sugar Bee Crafts showed, the formula: giant ornaments, giant snowflakes, and color of the tree that breaks the standard, like winter turquoise.

Colorful Christmas tress

The ornaments are sweet and all, but in this show, the pompom tree topper is what really makes the greatest point.

Charlie Brown Style Christmas tree

In a scroungy pine, there is unmistakable beauty, as our favorite animated holiday movie once taught us. Adorn a thin Christmas tree with simple silver ornaments to give a big spirit to a little tree, as Twinkle Twinkle Little Party did here brilliantly.

Gold ornaments Christmas tree

With gold on gold on gold, you can never go wrong. It’s chic, bright, and it can’t be beaten. Surround it with gifts drenched in bright, white wrapping paper, and you’re going to have a beautiful set up for yourself.

Rustic theme

Destiny of Just Destiny Mag ornamented her spruce with an eclectic mix of ornaments for a rustic-chic Christmas tree. The country-inspired elements are taken care of by the buffalo-check garland and the wood ribbon.